Treat your homes and offices to a special feast with our designs. Our team of interior designers brings you designs and styles that are pleasing, practical and classy.

Designing the interior of your home or office is not an easy task. It requires more than blending colours, selecting wallpaper or floor coverings. The total design process involves skill, envisioning new creative possibilities, blending classical styles with new trends, discerning quality purchases, and knowing the resources that are available in Sri Lanka.

This is where we come in. At Country Life, we offer everything you need for a stylish living and what’s more is that we will assist you every step of the way as you design your dream home. Not only this, we will also help you use space creatively, adding value and elegance to the space you already have.

Country Life offers services in interior décor, curtaining, furnishing, and landscaping of your dream home.

Our special areas of interest include custom re-modeling. We work closely with many renowned local architects and contractors to design and create new living spaces that are guaranteed delight our customers.

At Country Life, we help you picture the designs. This way, you get the opportunity to ‘see’ and know exactly how your home will look once the new designs and styles are brought in.

Competent and dedicated crafts people are essential in producing a quality design. Time and effort should be spent on planning, scheduling and supervising the designs, living spaces and the client’s desires when carrying out a design project. The team at Country Life excels in project management as well as the overall design process and are committed to offering you the best of services when it comes to decorating your homes or offices.